character/ roadlok


I ordered a roadlok from rubber2burn friday and and since I had to work & miss the ride saturday, I was going to just meet the group at lunch and pick it up. Simple enough, then Texas weather kicked in and put everything behind. Here's where character kicks in. He kept me updated on how the timeframes were taking place and in the end it worked out that even after a 4 hour ride just to get to the mod ride, working the mods,meeting fellow busa owners, going on the post mod ride and looking at another 4 hour trip home, he opted to go another 40 odd miles r/t out of his way to hand deliver the roadlok as planned earlier instead of leaving it with someone in plano as I suggested. If I could only get that kind of service everywhere I went. duely appreciated and thanx
Way to go rubber2burn..
Now thats customer service..

I want one soooo bad.. [saving pennies secretly]
waiting on my tire to come in, then pics will follow. hopefully monday. I do have to fess up, I couldn't wait and went ahead and put it on last night. fit like a dream, super easy install, great workmanship,then took my wheel back off. once again... props to rubber2burn.
No Problem Sir like I said that is how Team RoadLok is we look out for the Customers and treat them how we would want to be treated
(robbzbusa @ Jul. 15 2007,18:42) r2b how about meetin me at my house in wv....
ill save you some pork chops...
I'll be in N.C. in about a week if you need something...
if i had a job and could afford it id come down just to meet not to far..would love to meet ya and ride...thanks for the offer though bro..savin my pennies cause i would love to grab one of those..