Build It Once and Build It Right


Is motor off the best way to get this done; It seems so to me; I'm also considering sending my heads to Carpenter while Frank works on the rest. I lucked out on my kit from another org member so I'm gonna save enough to maybe do the bottom end and do it all over the winter. Its an all purpose bike meaning I want to be able to road race, drag, LSR, tour, and putt putt around town. Big dreams I know.

I feel like if I put twenty thousand miles on it since September I'm pretty serious. Its still a matter of money though. I think maybe the best thing to do is take a break and when its done its done and then I'll start working on the suspension and of course brakes but that's a subject for another section of the org. Thanks for any comments.

Oh, I have less than ten grand to work with. Way less if possible yet...well you know. I want it right.
I'd like to think I could do some of it myself but my wife is objecting almost vehemently. Now if I could only find a job in a bike shop (I have applications in two) that would help. It looks like its going to be reliable, fast, and reasonable in that order.