ZX11 efi turbo build


I'm putting an efi kit on my zx11....it's dustin Moody's kit for zrx/zx .....he also build a turbo plenum for me.

The rest of it will be on a low budget build for me..I want to do it myself for fun....not that there's any kits for this model anyway....so I am running some cheap China turbo and bov.....I got my dump pipe off a Nissan 240sx . ...I will upgrade the cheaper stuff to better brands over time......the bmw cooler was only 50 used,the bigger quality items and most money was spend on plenum and efi setup......I really want a smart ecu and efi if I'm going to turbo it

A street bike with a lsr run on a Mexican highway somewhere......haha,jkin

Here I had my sbm 1166cc block on...I'm going to use it on my turbo build later,when I install carillo rods.....I was going to run it now,but don't like to turbo the heavier pistons on stock rods....even though forged is better,I'm running stock for now....with a .060 spacer plate

I'm running secondary injectors,815cc total,microsquirt v3....quadspark to zx10 coil on plug....wasted spark,,small bmw water to air intercooler,billet clutch hub,6" extended arm,18-42 gear





My Plenum Dustin made.....it's my favorite part....he did a great job....and all he had to go by was pictures and measurements I sent.....no bike with him....not as much room as the Hayabusa's under tank.....he came up with this secondary setup . .....I did cut the front part off ,so I could weld intercooler to it.....without having to step down and back up through piping....only way to fit it.

Pics almost finished




I like the tuner studio gauges....I like this look....but thinking of making a custom one....with custom dash to go over 8" tablet running windows 10.....I kinda want an old vette look.....it will match my big as 3" dump pipe slash cut,like side pipes on vette :)

Here's my Brothers bike...he inspired me to finish mine

1974 CT70 , piranha 140cc , 2 1/2 extended trellis swing arm,from Belgium "motorkit" inverted forks,12 inch wheels...ect....

We rode at this year's "2018 Smoky Mountain Crawl"....in Tennessee

Yes I'm finishing up wiring microsquirt and sensors.....and taking mockup turbo piping to welder....that's the 2 last things I got to do
Yea I am :)

One on pump gas , not sure yet on how much boost I can do on pump

Then another run on c16 , at higher boost

I'm limited for now on stock motor....but I going for 275 on pump....and short burst to 350 on race gas....then more next summer with a built up setup,like 425hp

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