Bought my first Hayabusa!


Hey whats going on everyone, Im new to the community and very proud to say that I just bought my first Hayabusa =). It's been my dream bike for a few years now, I found one on ebay that I couldnt resist... Im in the business of making dreams come true. lol. Ive been riding for a couple of years now, I owned an 04 katana 600 for 2 years. Ive always wanted a hayabusa but I didnt want to start out on one because a 1300R isnt forgiving... I took the riders course before I ever rode my Katana and I never dropped her. I did alot of mechanical work on the bike myself, Full exhaust, K&N Pods, Dyno Stage 1 Jet kit, and Sprockets. It was a learning experience, im far from mechanically inclined lol but boards that exist like this one made it possible. After two years and multiple upgrades, I guess I got bored and decided to Go big or go home! lol. I put a pic of my Busa as my Avatar!
congrats and welcome. and good on ya for doing things right (i.e. attending the MSF, taking baby steps, etc.)
First photo

Congrats and welcome to the org. You will find lots of great info and people here. Looks like you found yourself a nice bike, and girlfriend.
Welcome and enjoy the rush.

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