2015 Hayabusa


Hi everyone, I just bought a 2015 Hayabusa and will be picking it up in a couple days at the dealership. Im coming off a 2012 Ducati Panigale 1199. Ive always wanted a Busa and finally bought one. Im 43 years old and feel like i want more of a road bike, what should i expect out of the new Busa?
Nice! My last 2 bikes were ducati's, I had a 2003 Gixxer 750 up until 2009, then I bought a 1198 Ducati and in 2013 I bought an 1199 Ducati so im used to the track bikes. Im looking forward into more of a do it all bike. I just love the Hayabusa
expect brute power but controled, expect **** eating grins, low end grunt like you have never experienced, also stares from people
brought the busa home today what a beast! right away i noticed its smoothness and how it likes to cruise in 3rd! coming off a panigale i also noticed it doesnt stop as quick but understandable. now time to break it in, loving it so far!
127 miles so far and love the bike. theres been a few times where the bike didn't wanna shift into 1st gear. seems like if roll a little bit it will shift in when that happens, can anyone else shead some light here?
My '11 does it once in a while from neutral to 1st when I first start up,usually just a little downward pressure while letting out the clutch and it'll snick right in(have just over 10,000 miles on it and it's always done it,but just every now and then).