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just in case anyone was lookin for stands for the bike but didnt want to pay like 200 bucks for them, go to

Handy Indurstries

nice lookin stands, universal or bobbin type stands with front stand for 99 bucks, that right, 99 bucks. comes like 122 bucks after shipping.

Ordered mine today and Ill let you all know how well thay work after I get mine next week.
Get the stands yet?

Regardless...can anyone confirm these fit the Hayabusa? I'm kind-of an idiot, so can anyone explain the difference between the bobbin and rubber supports as well?

Being an idiot that would at least like to change his own oil, clean the chain more easily, etc., would appreciate any advice.

Josh (aka kaliatech)
sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone, Ive been out of town for two weeks and Ive been slackin off on the important things in life, like this sit and my bike riddin time.

Got the stands in last week and thay work like a charm. The welds on them are all nice and clean, nice mandel bent tubbing, hevy gauge tubbing so I dont see them colapsing any time soon and the red paint looks good too! I would recomend them to any one who needs stands for there bike, very nice and very cheep for stands.

The difference between the bobbin and rubber cushin is a "bobbin" is a little round mettel button that has a screw that go`s right through the center and attaches straight to the swing arm. This way you dont have rubber snubbers that you have to aline every time you want to use your stands, you just walk up and tilt you bike up on the stands and away you go. The rubber snubbers are like little feet that your swing are just kinda sits on and I dont feel that thay are quite as safe as the bobbin style.

Just so you know, to use the bobbin style, you dont have to drill holes or anything, the holes for the screw on the bobbins are already there and waiting to be used.

Hey guys, I'm a bargin hunter and I noticed the construction of most of the stands is very simple, soooooooo I had my friend who is a welder look at a couple different designs I found on the net and then he made me a super duty rear stand for $50 ( I bought the wheels $8 and painted it myself works perfect ) front stand is in the works now & I'll post pics later. Just an idea but have some one build you one seems like a good idea - Aloha
Not too hot on the prices over the pond but an average rear paddock stand is gonna run to about £30
thenI was about to pay another £30-40 for a front one untill other Busa owners pointed me towards a normal 11/2 to 2 ton trolly jack, my local car place sells them for £17:99 and it lifts the front end, under the exhaust

(if like here in the UK, put the word Bike to any gear or accessery, and they feel obliged to add at least 30% (BAST*RDS) :whip: