Bike Alarms Revisted

Ok Iknow we've been through this drill before, and there is a thread somewhere. but these things constantly change and and are updated, and since I now have a lil something something to do something with can i get some help with these question.

Best alarm with pager?
Best $ for $ alarm with pager?
Who installed your alarm?
Where did you order it from?
If you currently own an alarm would you buy it again or reccommend it?



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Hey Dez,

Well, I like my Gorilla alarm. It was like $80 for the alarm-only package and $35 for the pager set up. Been having it since I got the Busa (June '02) and haven't had one single problem yet (i.e. battery drain, voltage spikes, etc.). To me, it's really a matter of what you're really looking for and how much you want to spend. I think they call that "Opportunity Cost" in Economics.

I went to d-tect security just to chek it out and i had to by one. Got the alarm with pager for only $99 and that was the most expensive one. If your looking for an alarm i'd chek these guys out.
Thanks guys I got $5k worth of accessories and chrome on this baby and I do a lot of long distance traveling it and can't always pull it into the hotel room and tuck it in bed with me. So it this point even if I have to spend $300 or $400 on an alarm it would be worth it to me...

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