2 way alarms


I've heard that scorpio alarms are the best 2-way pager style alarm system out there... who agrees/disagrees?

What other options do I have for 2-way alarm systems?
What about lojack type systems?

I've searched but there doesn't seem to be a lot of personal info on alarms out there.

Also, do any of the board vendors carry these alarm systems? If I can get an almost-as-good or better price and go through a board vendor I would prefer that.
I have the prestige APS995A it is the same as the current APS996A but with a different color remote. I have sold and installed DEI, Viper, Audiovox and AutoPage and my favorite is the AutoPage or the Audiovox. Don't expect any of them to work from more than a couple hundred feet away even though the claim around a mile. It is a cool thought but it is just not quite there when it comes to range. If you can do the install yourself then I would check ebay or amazon for the best prices.
Scorpio !!
I have the Scorpio. Almost 2 years old and still works great. Plus good customer service. Also, there is a new version out now. Not sure what the difference is.
Scorpio here and the range is a little better than a couple hundred feet..