Anyone Use A Security System?


I went to a car audio/security shop today just lookin around. They have an alarm specifically for motorcycles that runs 269 installed. I'm just wondering if it's worth the investment. Will it actually stop someone from stealing my bike if they wanted to? The alarm is made by viper, which i know, are a highly reputable company when it comes to car security. Let me know what you think.
Nothing you can do can stop a the proffessional thief but it may help stop the opportunist. Myself I just use a disk lock and large chain / padloack around a lamp post or something..
I have the Nady

Alarm with the pager option. Only two wires to connect directly to the battery. Very loud and the pager works great. Comes with a key FOB just like a car alarm. I also have a Disc Lock with a siren built-in.

Armed guards are on backorder. :devil:
:super: Here in good old Blighty you have absolutely no chance of getting insurance if you havent got an approved alarm/immobiliser fitted. We have an agency called 'Thatcham' that test and approve them and slot them into catagories, number 1 being the best. Most insurance companies insist on a Thatcham cat 1 system.
I have one called a Datatool System 3 (£350 Serling, fitted):O
Still doesnt sto the pro' who wants your baby though.:(