Security System

Get a thick Python chain and lock, and fasten it to the cement with a ground anchor! You can also attach the ground anchors to the wall but if you are not planning on staying there for a while then that will be $140 of wasted money. It doesn't matter really if you are in a bad neighborhood or not--these bikes are quite sought after. I live in a safe neighborhood but not every thief received that memo. I do not have a garage or a carport either, but I don't want to drive all the way out to the nearest storage place everytime I want to take a ride so I got an extremely thick chain from Home Depot and I wield it through my bike tires. It isn't much but hey, like everyone says--make it as hard as possible.
Boobie trap it!..  C4 should do it!   or get the Scorpio!
^ might cause problems with the local campus cop.

You know what we need; we need quick-release front tires like bicycles have, yeah! that's the ticket; just pop the wheel and off we go. That'd teach em.

(Scorpio, Kryptonite chain, big German Shepherd and a bayonetted M44 make a great combination)
,Just bring it into your foyer .....
He said he's in a high crime area. Our homes dont have one of dem dare foyer thingy mabobs.

Just kiddin NJ. I have a scorpio alarm as well and wrote up and assistance with pics link I can drum up if needed. I agree with NJ. If you cant put it in the house then get an alarm, a cover and a heavy guage chain. It's tougher to steal like that when your home. If your gone good luck. What part of the suburbs did you move into may I ask?

Heh heh heh!
Oh yea when we goto myrtle beach we rent a small you storage facility garage bay for the weekend. it's like $29.00 a month but much much cheaper in the long run.

I have heard that Myrtle Beach is insane for thieves. You would think with so many people around nothing would happen.
When at a bike week.. hook some heavy test fishing string to the wheel ( nearly invisible to the unaware eye ) and tie the other end to your ankle. Get a bite? Go catch your theif! then filet that biatch!