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My insurance carrier insists that I have a "professionally" installed security system with perimeter sensors, ignition disable etc. I have seen some of the posts here, but I wonder do these things actually pay off, or are they easily defeated by a determined thief? Is thre that much more real value in a $300+ system vs a $40 system?

I had one years ago and thought it was a waste of money, but I suspect busa's are more likely to be stolen than GS1000 rat bikes
I have a Scorpio and it works really well.  I haven't had to use the ignition disable function, but the perimeter sensor is great.  Very sensitive to not sensitive at all.  I have received pages sitting on the 3d floor of a hotel room that someone was around the bike. There are a couple less expensive systems that people have said are good, but I haven't tried them.  I think its a must have item, especially for a Busa.

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Go with the Scorpio Alarm and you don't need professional installation because the kit is easy to install and setup. I had excellent range with the transmitter and the pager feature. Gives you an added sense of security if used in conjuction with a wheel lock.
Be carefull with Insurance Co. Their perspective is different. Check with them before installing it yourself. Ask them what proof do they need to verify the installation? I suspect they will ask for receipts/paperwork, and not actually looking at the bike.

There are actually two questions here. 1. What is best to satisfy your Ins Co? 2. What is best to protect the bike?

To answer #2 - it's hard to beat Scorpio. However, alarm alone is not much. Add a full size cover, and use good quality chain to lock the bike to a solid object - that's a much better combination.

Why? Most bikes are stolen by being thrown into the van. Takes all of 20 - 30 sec to do that. However, before they take the bike, they have to know what bike is there (hint: they have to lift the cover), and before they can lift the cover, the perimeter sensor alarm might spook them. Also, seeing the chain makes it even less desirable.

Also, Dowco makes covers with simple alarms in them (like a pin being pulled out when you take the cover off) - called Guardian I think. That also helps: the cover is pulled the alarms sounds, and can't be stopped.
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As Igor says, they do want some sort of documentation from the installer. IMHO, a lot of the guys I see working in shops couldn't find their butts 2 out of 3 tries, using both hands, and with guidance from friends. I guess part of me wants just to satisfy them and move on, but if getting a decent system is only a little more money, and I do have a cover....