any 1 new to riding

The problem with high humidity is that your sweat does not evaporate, which is what cools you. Then you overheat.

The problem out here where it's very dry is that you don't feel as hot since your sweat evaporates quickly, but you dehydrate quickly. It can sneak up on you too.
Couple short comments.

I agree with cache, total newby probably shouldn't be riding a busa. It just makes the learning curve more unforgiving.

NURSING PRESPECTIVE: Do you know what is involved with skin grafting? Ugly, painful, loss of sensation and mobility, EXPENSIVE, could lead to horrible hospital born infections (antibiotic resistant) which will really "fug" you up, just to name a few. If you try the DOT version of a slip and slide, you will probably look back and regret not spending a few hundred on gear.

I highly reccomend the Joe Rocket Phoenix gear. Don't forget to spend the extra $20-30 for the "dry tech" liner. Zips right in and is water proof and..well..sort of breathable.

Yeah the mesh jackets are cooler than the Balistic Nylon types. But after seeing a mesh jacket shred in a fall........well my Feildsheer titanium is retired and only use the armored but perforated leather jacket now. Almost as cool and will probably stay together in a fall.

The Rocket mesh gloves work, and are comfortable and look good if you are just wearing a t-shirt. I use them all the time.

Have you guys tried the "Cool Shirts"? you know the ones with the ribs? They ROCK! They also look stupid until you put the jacket on. The material wicks the sweat away from the skin and a slight breeze cools it down about 10-15 degrees. Made the mistake of wearing one outside in a breeze. Each breeze felt like a cold squirt with a hose. Yeah they really work.

Jackets are warm, But skin grafts are not cool.
Buy a set ( or steal one from the home) of drink coasters and keep one in your pocket.  They make the kind that are nice metal.
My mom would know

As far as Jackets go, $600 jacket vs the price of plastic surgury, always go with a jacket.
 When it is really hot out I am in my mesh jacket.  Hardly know its there but it will protect better than nothing.  Check out Joe Rocket.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
funny you should mention those marc....look what rubber brought home today .

  No....I'm not gonna hit the twisties with...

  No...its not for the strip....

  Its for when I have the lovely ladies on board , an they wanna go downtown at 6 pm when its 90 out , like today .
When I have a girl on back , I rarely do 5 over the posted limit .     This jackie is gr8 .  It'll do the job if need be .

   Use em for what their designed for....
bought my honey one of the jackies today , she tried mine liked it , so she got 1 . I bought myself the pants . There cool .
SierraFlyer, Could you explain exactly what "shredded" on the jacket and how it occurred. (i.e. high speed low side, highside, granny mowed down, ect). I have read several product reviews about great protection provided by the new mesh technology. I'm sure it can't protect as well as a full set of leathers...but i'm betting it is better than just a regular coat or jeans. The mesh jacket has quickly become an old favorite. However, if it won't protect me as well as I ASSUMED it would, I need to know before I need it's protection. Thanks greatly, Chris