for the average skinz test


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Decided to try a little test , see if we can't squeak a few more miles outa the rubber . I'm an' average everyday rider. Not Mr.Supa Twisty or expert anything...just a rider.

Thought I would try a different combo . Sport tire up front,sport-touring out back .

Tried a few turns today,too see if I could break it free under "so-called" normal conditions . hee hee hee.

It seems to stick fine . I'm hoping to get a little extra life outa the rear .

I've put a Battlax BT 010 up front . I thru a BT 020 out back.I'm hoping to get a couple of extra thou outa the rear,wont mean much today , but down the road if I can squeek some extra outa the rear I'll be happy . Imagine usin' up only 2 on the back for every 1 up front,instead of the 3 I'm usin' now . Maybe even 4 for some guys .

OK here's my philosophy....gentlemen please....hold your flaming till the end of my presentation. I figure something nice an' sticky up front so the head of my sled dont wash-out on me . The rear...well , we're all used to it slippin' an' slidin' ,so I thought why not try a little harder compound,see if it can stand up to the abuse a little better .

Todays ride seemed fine on this type of combo . No I am not Nicky Hayden....or Duhamel... I'm just a guy tryin' NOT to spend a thousand dollars a year on fuggin' rubber .

for those interested...I'll keep ya posted.

Hav a good 1.....RSD.
what tire are you running now? I heard noting but good things about the Avon Azaro 46 st rears and 45 fronts
the Bridgstone Battlax's...a sport compound up front,and a touring compound out back .
Hey RSD......the theory is there dude.....just make sure ya remember that them backs won't be quite as sticky.......don't lay into her crazy hard coming out of turn 90......degrees that is........she may have a higher tendancy to slide out from under ya.
Great way to save some $$$$ though.
RSD, I'm already trying a similar combo, I've got a BT012ss on the front, and a BT010 on the back. Seems to work really well for me. I've got 3k on this set and plenty of tread left. I only got 2.9k out of a set of Metzler sportec M-1's and 4200 out of the stock bt56's. The bt010 is pretty sticky but seems to last pretty well. I'm no racer, but I do like to get leaned over pretty far in the turns and do a lot of fast take-offs.
I'm thinking of doing the same, and if things start going well, maybe I will be able to take some very long highway trips.

My rear D207 just hit 9000 miles and I think it can last 500, maybe 1000 more. That is with a lot of highway miles, a lot of cornering to keep it round and NO burnouts. It probably would have lasted longer if the alignment bolts had not come loose, which made it run a flat spot in the center after a 300 mile trip.
NArc i'm happy to hear about your milage i was starting to get worried. I've got 7k on my stock tires and it looks like i've got a good 2000-2500 more miles on it.

Tire pressure and no burnouts seem to have worked for me