Air Filter


I posted this in Mods but I havent got any answers. Can anyone tell me the difference between the race BMC filter and the stock replacement which would be better for my bike. I have a 2k with small air box mod Two Brothers 4-2-1 exhaust moved my air temp sensor to the ram air tube Ram Air seals and a PCII. I have the basic map for my mods and I am going to tune it on the dyno. As I understand it the BMC is better than the K&N but I see to different types. Also I am looking for an adjustable TRE (ATRE) so I can derestrict only the gears I want.
There are no major differances between the BMC and K&N filters. Neither one will give you any more horsepower, they are just better than the stock filter. The small airbox mod will give you more horsepower.

The TRE provides a method of bypassing the top-end speed restriction by making the bike think it's in 5th gear. I personally don't spend alot of time riding around at 186mph. I've heard good and bad things about the TRE, don't have one.

The Nikko G-Pack removes the speed restriction, but also provide some improved low and mid range performance. I have been thinking about installing the G-Pack, but have been waiting until I hear more feedback.
Mike bike is a 2000 early model it is not restricted but I thought there where some timing retards in first second and third on the Busa that the TRE was supposed to fix. Also I have heard of a programmable TRE that you could decide which gear your bike thinks it is in and which gears it would retard. Any info on this??

PS is there any difference between the BMC race filter and the BMC stock replacement filter would you gain any power increase power at a certain RPM I dont want to lose my midrange to gain 2 HP on top