Air Filter


I have a 2000 Busa this winter I have done a small air box mod and moved my air temp sensor. I would like to replace the stock air filter. I had K&N Stage 3 on my 1100. I have seen alot of stuff on the BMC filter but they make a race and a stock replacement can anyone tell me what the difference is I have a PCII to remap if necesary. I want the best performance and it seems the BMC is better than the K&N. I also have a Two Brothers 4-2-1 exhaust. Next where would you recomend getting a Adjustable TRE (ATRE) for my Busa so I can derestrict only the gears I want to?
I have a little motor work and a fairly good idea of what works and what doesn't. This winter I spent a lot of time on the Dyno. With the K&N filter I got no hp or torque gain. I got 3 hp with the BMC race.

Here is the big winner. take a stock filter. rip the filter material off. It is hard but use a screwdriver. put the lid back on with no filter. This will give you 5 hp. I know You have to run a filter bla bla bla. When I start to lose compression I'll get a big bore kit.

You will get the biggest benifit if you remap