k&n air filter question

i dont care for after market air filters due to the dusty conditions i live in and my 2003 busa i just bought came with a k&n air filter. my question is do k&n filters come with foam gaskets that stick on top of the airbox and 1 thats down inside of the airbox because when i went to replace the filter my stock one wouldnt fit all the way down. i noticed the stock filter has a foam gasket already on the bottom of it. im not familier with k&n air filters & hope someone out there can help.


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Usually its the other way around, people replace stock filters with K&N or BMC - high flow/performance filter. By the way K&N as a lifetime filter, meaning you dont need to replace it, just clean it once in a while...

Guess best thing would be to start here: Clicky Link


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First keep the K&N it will save you money over time. They clean up really easy too, just by the cleaning kit and some water and you’re good to go. If you have an air compressor available it will make the cleaning process go quicker.

Next is it fits tight by a foam ring at the top which is part of the lid and a pressure fit rubber compound on the bottom, just like the link Sangai gave you above shows.

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