Air Filter Mods


What's the best air filter mod, K & N, BMC or modify stock. In the field to do either, just want opinion on best. Own-2002, PCIIIr, Full Hindle Sys.
Does the Race filter take anything away if I was to really do much touring with the bike? Also any pointers on where to get the best price? is one of the best prices for the bmc filter

no the filter shouldn't bother your bike at all...just give you 15% +/_ a couple % of increased airflow.
A lot of people assume the K&N and the BMC filter is better than the stock one. How they came up with this is something I would like to know. A study from Brock shows there is no real differance on the dyno or the track from any of the filters listed. The only differance being the others are washable. If racing your best bet is to remove the filter and use a stock lid at the track and your stock filter for street riding. I know some members will say the more air you flow the better, and I agree. But show me the test that show a K&N or a BMC flow better than the stock filter that Suzuki uses now.
Pa Freak has something here. I have seen postings on other sites that show on a Dyno the BMC race flows more air than a stock filter and that K&N and BMC standard flow less air than the stock filter.

Kent Sheldon
I'm a BMC importer -
In the testing comparing the stock, K&N, BMC STREET and the BMC RACE -
The stock and BMC Street flow very similarly - I don't recall a significant difference in power (under .5% generally). I didn't test the K&N.
The BMC RACE leaned out the engine just a teeny bit and made 1- 1.5 more TRUE HP than the stock filter.
We used the TEKA (to avoid ignition scatter power loss) and richened up the 100% throttle and power was a bit better - but - I suspect that I should have taken out the injectors and cleaned and blueprinted them at our other shop -

The amount of air actually flowed through the filter depends on how hard the engine is trying to get air ito itself -
One of the bigger misconceptions is that an air filter "will flow" 15% more air. The results of air filter marketers selling product.
If the engine actually took in 15% more air, you'd make, for simplicity sake, 15% more power.... and that's not the case :-)

So - the filter will flow "easier" and allow the engine to pull in a bit more air - If you gained 2% more power - the intake system is pulling in 2% more air.
That's how it works. 10% more air in = 10% more power.
Of course, fuel has to be adjusted to make Best Power with the new amount of air - Tuning to an a/f ratio simply gives goofy readings when comparing products.
All the test HP results were done on an EC997 dyno, tuned to the a/f ratio that made best power - so they are fully loaded tests and not subject to tire slippage or inertial mass errors of dealership level dynos.



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