advice maybe, issue with my ZX14R, MSD launch master, pic


Hey guys though maybe someone may have advise/idea for me. I just installed a MSD launch master in my 2012 zx14r and it works fine but only when the kickstand is down. when stand is up its stuck in 2-step mode/LED active. Ive switch wires around and connection with no improvement. I think I had wires correct because it works properly with stand down??
Anyone guess's to try?


I have absolutely nothing to contribute to answer your question. But when I saw the title, I thought to myself: "It must be getting real bad for '14 folks - so bad that they have to ask for help on the 'Busa board!". :please:

Just cracking a good joke, LOL No harm meant. Hope you resolve your issue.
if u followed the proper wiring guide it should work and only be active when the clutch is pulled in, wouldn't think the side stand would matter in anyway.
on a side note unless your planning on running wheelie bars on your bike i don't recommend the 2 step. its going to be hard to adapt. its meant to allow full throttle when you release the clutch.. if you leave with the 2 step then back off the throttle because you have to much you have defeated the purpose of having it. IMO.
On MSD 2 step issues, I’ve got a problem on my Gen 2. The controller will only hold the set RPM for a couple seconds, then revs to ECU limiter . Any ideas , thank you.