You think MSD launch master effecting my run?

This is actually for my 2012 zx14r, which I launch at a much lower RPM then my Busa (3500 vs 6000rpm). So I have my MSD launch master set down at 3500 and with each gear change (near 11000) and using clutch to up shift I wonder if the launch master is imiting for short period? should I try up shifting with NO clutch??
I dont want to install quick shifter or air, at this point.
what do you think? thanks, JASon
oh, i should give some times, my busa close to stock ran best 10.04 @143
zx14r, yosh full , strap ran best of 10.0@147mph, But only got 3 runs do to rain and I was using Traction control #1, need more runs and TC probaly to OFF.


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You should always be shifting without the clutch (lever) and just hump the throttle. Also, launch with traction control OFF!!!


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It probably is if the launch master is tied to your clutch switch..... never like that idea in the first place but its how you have to run it if you launch by hand clutch. i got mine hooked up to my high-beams!:laugh::laugh:


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and if the Kawi is anything like the busa, its switching timing and fuel maps every time the lever is pulled.
Great info!! Thanks guys. Next time at the track i'll try no clutching upshifts (no lever use due to launch master tied into it), and of course Traction control set to OFF. I thoguh with bracket racing, TC#1 would be helpful for consistancy.
Update: ran another7 passes with the ZX and rear lowering links installed: consistant at 9.77@147mph with 60' of 1.70 and correct attlitude of near 3000'.
Ran with TC OFF, but Im still using the clutch to upshift (habbit or worried about my low KM new ZX??).
What do you think of my times? sound right for the amont of HP I should be making?
i think you should get rid of the launch master. because you cant load the clutch before the light comes down. its like reving your car up to 3000rpm in nuetral and slamming it into drive. if you had a wheelie bar bike or a long grudge bike with a slider maybe the LM would be ok but on street bike i think it is hurting more than helping.

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