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I hate to bring this very dead subject back. But to my delight here appears to be the real skinny on the matter!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"A local guy here in Eastern VA was seeking out a race for his new Subaru WRX or so he said.  His story was it is 460 something hp and he thought he could beat a stock Busa.
  We set up a race via email, and a couple of phone calls.  $500 on the 3 mile desert.  (3 miles of smooth concete in North East NC.)  I rode down there with several friends only to discover no WRX but there was a Beautiful twin turbo Supra.  
  The guy came up to me introduced himself as K-tron.  He graciously explained he shattered a drive axel that morning on his WRX, and was sorry for wasting my time.  As he turned and walked away he did one of those Columbo Moves "If you want to run my Supra, it is running pretty Good?"  Bait and switch.  and I fell for it.
  I knew better but entertained him.  He wanted to race a roll on.  It keeps getting worse for me.  He marked off a couple of lines in the road, and laid out ball caps on top of them.  
  I called a couple friends One that knows the Supra, and one that knows my bike.  The car is rumored to have 550hp on motor, and 200 or so NOS.  They both told me if you are going to do it take him serious.  And suggested we go 2 out of three.  
  We locked in the race.  $1000 this isn't a lot for some of you, but I am new to this poop.  He told me he was going to video this and embarass me on the Supra sites, as well as the bike sites.  
  He and his girlfriend got in the car and lined up to my left, her with camera rolling.  Shamefully I admit I ignored the advice of both my buddies and didn't take him seriously.  I jumped him right out of the first mark.  Didn't tuck down, and clutch shifted.  Just about that time he blasted by me.  His girlfriend pinned to the seat trying to hold the camera.  He beat my to the second mark by 15 to 20ft.
 We turned around and went back to the start where the poop talkind insued.  Lined up and took off again.  This time I got him by about 2 bike lengths, tape still rolling.  He told me his car didn't run as well when it had warmed up.   Blah Blah Blah.....
  The third race He told his girlfriend to get out, removed his jack, leather jacket, and all the change out of his ash tray.  (weight is power) ha
  I got him again.  2 out of 3 favor and $1000 goes to Busa.  
My question is where are those Videos you promised K-tron "
Almost forgot to mention where I got it. Lets give a shout out to Hank!!!! who provided the following link: www.psychobike.com,
the user's name was "H8TOBU". Thank you for putting this to rest..................


Supra Poopra..

8x the money for 3/4 the proformance... gee wish I'd got a supra instead! What was I thinking? Oh yeah.. haha the 'busa is for enjoyment.. cars are for transportation.
Cool. Supras are and can be very fast, and I respect them, but there's nothing like putting a sh*t talker in his place.

That's where I loose respect, especially since he B&S'ed ya.

Good going man.

"What are you gonna do with the $1000?"

"I'm goin' to Disneyland!"
Now let's see him race a Turbo Busa. hehe

What do you say Ninja Eater? Let's go to NJ and see what they got.
Sounds good. I have my sights on a lofty bunch in Miami, next time I visit. I did see an impressive Porsche in Florida. It had so much Hp that it would do wheel stands until the back bumper hit.
The busa will put them in there place no matter want kind of car they were driving in.(never take them litely/ show them the power of a busa an "puff-puff give,em"