2002 Midnight Falcon LE


<span style='color:darkblue'>I bought the Midnight Falcon LE back in August. Does anybody have any official information on my bike such as:</span>

Was it the last bike produced by the Suzuki Co. before the merger with Kawisaki?

How many were made?

Were they actually made to commemorate the 12000th bike sold in the US?

Is the Hayabusa the "quickest" production bike ever made at 9.89s in the quarter?

Somebody please point me in the right direction. Thanks!!!!
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although we already have a stealthbusa...
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First, no official merger between the two giants. Sources say its only an alliance..........
So yes it was and still is the fastest production bike both by Suzuki and in the industry.
It was made as a tribute to Suzuki's 40th year in the business.
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Suzuki sells almost 1.8 million vehicles per year!
Suzuki History
Not sure on the total number of bikes made per year (40th).................Ks
First, no official merger between the two giants. Sources say its only an alliance..........
So yes it was and still is the fastest production bike both by Suzuki and in the industry.
It was made as a tribute to Suzuki's 40th year in the business.
KS- that isn't complete info. The 2 companies are merged for R&D purposes only.

The new Orange Busa will be the 40th anniversary.

The rumor on the LE is that Suzuki had extra parts lying around and put together that bike mid year. Hence they are still being sold by dealers. They are also selling 03' Black SE's in Canada. I don't know if they sold them last year there. Besides the color and frame, there is absolutely nothing different about the bike. I have an SE and my brother a blue/black. Side by side there are the same bike. My dealer is getting 2 Orange ones, so I assume they aren't that limited. There is no official word on production numbers and they won't offer that info publically. I called, they said they couldn't release that info.

Can you say "dople ganger".

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Anyhow, welcome to the board and post some pics your your SE.

Here is mine.

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I own a 2002 LE also. As far as how rare your bike is, the "1 bike per suzuki dealer" is a pretty accurate. I have only seen 1 other black busa in Tampa.

Here is a memo I found on here about the black busa-

It is a pretty rare bike, it's easily my favorite color.

My personal opinion, which can be wrong, but I'm never wrong..... it's that they decided to make a black busa at the same time they were making the 2003 GSXR1000.

It's a good color, and a bad ass bike. Glad they only made them in 2002. Good stuff

I was the one who sent the "dealer letter" explaining the reason for the assembly of the Midnight Falcon. Was it a reward for dealers selling 12K units or was it build out of extra parts laying around? Who knows, and you won't find out anything for sure from Suzuki Company.

All they are interested in is selling units, to heck with collectors and the folks who try to keep the history of the company going. If you don't think I'm right go and buy parts for the older bikes, make sure to take your "big wallet." You would think as years go by parts would get cheaper, so they could deplete the inventory, but no just the opposite. They don't want you riding old bikes, they want you to buy new bikes.

What's the big deal with telling folks how many of a certain model were produced? You would think you were asking how to assemble a nuclear weapon. They can't "release that information" because they don't know and don't care to find out. You can buy books on British bikes and find out exactly how many of each model was produced and even the month of certain modification that took place on the assembly line.

Some bike clubs get a "ball park" figure of bikes built by having the club members send in their VIN numbers. After as many as possible have been sent in, they subtract the smallest number from the largest and there is your "ball park." BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COUNT. It's a shame you have to resort to these tactics when someone has the figure written down on a piece of paper. But it could upset the balance of military power if they "released that information."

I guess the one per dealer count is as good as any way to come up with the production figure. But my local dealer received three units and all were sold before they arrived. When asked, other dealers in my area didn't even know they were offering a Special Edition model. I don't think any Midnight Falcons went to California, did they? Some of you California guys can answer this. I sent a scan of my SE to a California dealer and he didn't have a clue as to what it was. He was serious when he said I took a can of black spray paint to a regular Busa. By the way, does anyone know how many Suzuki dealers there are? Or is that information "unable to be released?"

I know I've been ranting and raving but sometimes a man has just got to "vent." During my Air Force career I had been through a really rough week and went to our maintenance office to blow my stack. After listening to me for about 10 minutes the Captain said...."are you through venting?" I replied yes. Then the Captain said...."good, now go back to work." So now I guess I'll go back to work.

Ridem if you gottem!

My dealer has some pull and owes me big time. I will ask some questions for you guys. I may be able to get somewhere.
Classy Bike Stealth_Busa, the carbon fiber cans and clear signals are a theme-enhancing touch. Did you mod your seat cowl in order to keep the grab bar on like that or am I just too stupid to figure out how to do that?

Everyone, thanks for the information so far, the memo is very interesting. One month before the release of the LE I contacted many dealerships in response to the rumored existence of the bike, I actually visited some very large dealers including one in SanAntonio Texas who had no clue that the bike was real. I called daily to every shop I knew until finally, I found mine at this very small, yet very old dealership in West Virginia and he sold it to me on the spot. There is still one dealer here in WV who denies the existence of the bike. I guess Suzuki really played favorites with distributing this bike to select dealers.

Please keep the info coming!!!!!!
When i first started my search for a busa, I talked to alot of dealers, most of them in Indiana and Illinois, when i called most of them they were were making offers of selling them for 500 below what the black/blue and silver/grey models were selling for. The just fact, the color black radiates too much heat, and severly hinders aerodynamics, the reason why all of you who ride the LE's or black/
? will always be slower...hehehe

StealthBus, Ok , I have to ask, how can a Bus be Stealth

Anyhow, yes i did mod the hump to allow the grab bar to say on. You will get a lot of opinions about how to do it. But I foud that you could make the hump based on where the grab rail was hitting, using a hack saw, cut two indentions the depth of the grab rail, then use a razor blade to score the back of hump between the two cuts. Score it really good, then snap it clean with a pair of pliers. 20 min tops.

Odyssey, you are too funny.

Here I go, the Black SE is the fastest.

Their, I said it.

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Welcome to the board StealthBus, and Stealth_Busa im sure a bus can be stealth if a battle ship can lol.

As shown in my avatar the silver/grey, and black LE are my two of my favorite busas(also like copper/silver, and still looking for a paint set)