$13k OTD fair for a new 2012?


I'm 3 hours from purchasing a new 2012 Busa. All said and done, the OTD price tax, lic, DMV was $13k. I'm not looking for the lowest price, just a fair price as I've had a good relationship with the dealer in the past. Just getting the last second jitters.
You should be able to find $1500-$2000 less than that on a new 2012. Maybe better in some cases if you're willing to travel.
Not willing to travel too far. Price is competitive for dealers in a 150 mile radius. Maybe I should rephrase. Am I paying what most have been paying. They gave me $8k out the door for a new Gixxer 1k in 2008 so I'm confident they are working with me
Call your bank and ask them what the loan value is. You dont want to pay more than what a bank would loan on it. But ultimately, its up to you and what you are willing to pay. If you are happy with the price and where you are buying it, what else matters?
Here she is! Went for a nice 424 mile ride down the coastline and up the valley for a break in ride. She is so sweet! Track Day June 9th to see how she does compared to my 1K. Also, 0% financing...SWEET!
just bought mine 2012 candy sanoma le could not find a dealer around within 300 mi that would take less than 13,100 o well if i got ripped? still feel like it was a bargain.;)
The way I look at it, dealerships are going by the wayside and they need to make money too. Hopefully you took advantage of the zero percent financing. One way to make everything smart and easy on the pocketbook. There is absolutely no way that any car or new MC can match the performance for the 13k you just dropped! You got the best bang for the buck.
You did fine. My 2011 I bought last year basically the same situation I was right at 12,900 OTD. Mine was sitting there for a while too. I think the dealership just got sick of seeing me.
Those are all very fair prices, actually depending on when you bought that might have been a heck of a deal as rebates change month to month. There isn't the mark up that some people think there is. Congrats on the new bike!! I see you bought white too, even better! ;)
There is always a better deal farther down the road, doesn't make this a bad deal. That being said once you have it and ride it you will make those payments with a smile :laugh:
Wait! You're going to pay wayyyyyy too much. They have a new one here for $11k otd!

Oh crap, I see its too late. You only waited two hours and got three responses before urge got the best of you. :(

Good thing I'm joking. Sounds like a fair price of you subtract for tax, tag and fees that puts the bike at around $11,500 which is fine.
I went back and forth with a couple dealers . Even told them that I would let the other guy know what kind of a deal I was getting and that I would give them the opportunity to beat the deal the other was giving me . Bought mine at the end of the same year and got it for 1500 less than sticker ( no tax, set up, or license). Of course you think they are your friend , that's why they are salesmen. I would have stuck to 12500 and asked for a discount on gear or oil changes . But thats me , no matter what you got one hell of a bike and its will last well beyond the payments! Ride Safe !
Yer a bunch of spoiled bastids...:laugh:


MSRP $15,399 ON SALE FOR ONLY $13,999 +$695 FRT&PDI (may or may not include dealer prep,someone has to take it out of the crate and put the mirrors on right) plus I love paying for frieght.NOT. I didn't order the friggin thing,they did. LOL

The above price wont include the "Documentation Fee" ya...they charge you to fill out the paper work,I've heard as high as 395 dollars at some dealerships.Thats some mighty expensive ink and paper and some jerks half hour.

Above price won't include "tire levy". Gub'ment charges a fee to throw away your tires,before there even worn out. :laugh:

Above price doesn't include "battery levy" .Gub'ment want money to throw out yer brand new battery.:thumbsup:

First service mandatory for warantee. Usually at least 500 bucks. Some pimply faced shop rat spits on yer bike,changes the oil and takes it out and abuses it for half a day.:race: Dont worry thou...he will probably wash it with a dirt filled greasy rag when he's done.......:rofl:

Then second mandatory service. Yup...pimply faced kid again...this time he pretends he knows how to service valves.:crowbar:

:welcome:to Canaduh....