OTD Prices on '05 LE


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What's up all? New to the board.
I'm moving up from an '03 1000 to the Busa. I'm waiting on the LE and was wondering what kind of prices you guys are getting quoted. I'm getting mine for 11,000 OTD. Tax,tag,and title. That's the best I could find. Is anyone doing any better?
Thats about right i found out a few dealers are not giving a price break on this model , (due to expected high demand ) i ordered mine 1 month ago $11,100. otd ..
Fellas - thats a great price for an Busa. Especially an LE..... Dealer makes a little money and so do you.
People buy regular Busas everyday for 12+....... just some "FYI" stuff.
I called ARS and I was going to give them a deposit but all were accounted for. He did have the best price in the state. Ended up getting mine out of Orlando.
I was going to tell you ARS in Okeechobee, I put a deposit on mine there, about 6 weeks ago, She told me they were geting 8 of them, and I was #2 on the list, but wow they have deposits on all of them already.
now the bigger question.. when is it going to be here..
OH ####!! Guys, I got a Silver/Blue. Sorry for not reading the LE part. Last I heard from Eric was no idea when the LE's would be there. I'll be down their later this week to pick up my bike, I'll SQUEEZE him for LE info
I was told by ARS the end of this month. Then the dealer in orlando said first week of next month. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
I was Quoted 10,299 + tax.... however the wife has made it clear to me from all the endless pics I have looked at that she likes the Black and Silver one. We are headed to Indy today to pick one up I think. Unless one of you just HAPPEN to stop by and beat some since into her. LOL>  Flat-out Cycle is where we will be. To me. It dont realy matter one way or the other.

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mine is gonna be 10,600 before taxes.the blue and silver looks better to me everytime i go to the stealership,should i wait?
Harvard Suzuki in northern IL quoted me 10,700 OTD wi WI taxes, title, license, setup, etc, etc, etc. OTD
Anyone have any updates on delivery of the Limiteds? Just wondering. I'm getting anxious.
I stopped by the dealer today. He is telling me that they should receive mine around the 25th. He would even think about going down on the price here in the valley. They are giving it to me at 11,099. I guess that is pretty good since I see them selling the regular busas for 11,600 like crazy!