06 LE second gear problems


Ok, somebody has to know what the deal is with the second gear shift fork in the 06' busa's.
My second gear started jumping out around 5,000 but would run fine after 6,000 rpm and every other gear worked flawlessly. I took it to the dealer for repairs and after several phone calls to the warrenty department and informing them that i would seek legal action before paying 2,000 for trans. repairs on a bike with under 5,000 miles on it, they agreed to cover parts if i paid the 750. labor. sound great so far right? Well when i left the dealer i ran the bike up to the problem rpm in second gear gentely and it seemed to be fine but after about a week of babying it to and from work i decided to get on it and second did it again. I'm at a loss, this is rediculous. I have only put 600 miles on it since the complete rebuild and it's all been interstate miles and not a single miss shift. What mods will fix this problem? Under cutting the gears? Help.....I'm running out of money...


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Heres a bump.

Seems to be alot of this going around.......

Now I'm afraid of "spirited riding" cuz I don't know if my trans is going to take a sh$#.

Under cutting gears, I believe, is the fix.........................$$$$$$$$$


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Under cutting the gears will remedy your situation. Suzuki will not pay to have it done. I need the same thing on my 05. It is an inherent problem they deny exisits. I am saving up for it to be done on mine so i can play with it on the weekends. For now it's manually shifting with a lot of upward force for me. Gotta finish the 67 Camaro and the Dune Buggy before tearing into the Busa so It's gonna be another Month ...

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