Transmission problem


I have '02 Hayabusa which does not want to shift into 6th gear.  When I shift into 6th it is just like missing a gear when speed shifting.  The engine free revs for three seconds, then it sounds like two gears are grinding, like it is trying to drop into 6th, then "BANG" - it engages into 6th with hard jerk.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  One dealer thinks I might have a shifting fork bent.  The dealer I bought it from informed me I am not suppose to shift into 6th gear until the RPM is up 7000!!!  I figure if I am turning 7K in 5th before I shift, I will be running about 145 MPH.  Am I the only one that thinks this sounds crazy?
Bob....this has come up NUMEROUS times. Do a search and you will find a bunch of info on this. But to answer quickly...get used to it dude! Mine does the same thing. How many miles do you have? Try shifting without the seems to help me big time!
My 2002 finds false nuetrals in 5th and 6th and my dealer says his own does the same thing I only have 500 miles on mine. (only 3 weeks old too much rain lately) He told me if it doesn't clear up after 1500 miles when I can change to synthetic oil he'll look it over under warranty.
i have an 02 too it did it for a little while then it stopped dont worry to much mine goes into 6th now......i think mine started going into 6th around 600-800 miles.........cant be to busa i get im gonna keep a log book on her to record stuff like this.......yes i have no life....but my busa now has around 6600 miles on her and sometimes still have them damn false neutrals suzuki needs to fix that problem its to frequent of an incident not to be a manufactors defect :whip:
Had the same problem with mine..I noticed it mainly when cruising on the freeway in the 4-6k range. On the few (read way too fast) higher rpm shifts into 6 it wasnt a problem. Have almost 1100 miles now and the problem seems to be going away.
Thanks for the replies. Sled Head: My Busa only has 198 miles on it. After reading the replies, It sounds like there might be hope. I have had the bike for five weeks and it has sat in the dealer's service department for the last two weeks. The service manager is trying to get a reply from Suzuki. I think I might check into switching to the synthetic oil that so many owners with the same problem switched too. If he comes up with anything new, I will be sure to post it. I agree, this is some sort of defect in what appears to be mostly '02 transmissions.
I have had the same problem, but I adjusted the pin between the shift lever and the case and have not had near as many false neutrals.  I think with mine it was due to I wasn't forcing the lever up hard enough sometimes.  With that minor adjustment I have not had a problem since.
 I saw my mechanic today, he's been my mechanic for 11 years, and he does a lot of Hayabusas.  In regard to the shifting problem, false neutrals between 5th and 6th, it sounds to him like we're not fully lifting the shift lever.  I have adjusted my shifter down about 3/8 inch and that makes me lift the shifter all the way up and I haven't had any problems with false neutrals since.
We have a busa demo at work and I have found that if you keep upward preasure on the selector even after the shift it will grab the gear.A short shift pattern will see it jump to the false neutral whereas the longer held shift will eliminate the problem.Just hold it up longer.

I work in a Suzuki dealership in NSW,Australia and it is like paying a fat man to eat hotdogs.
PMEDIC27:  When you adjusted your shift pin, explain the adjustment.  Did you lower your shifter 3/8" like one reply.  Some suggest I am not pulling up hard enough.  That is not the case.  I pull up so hard now that it feels like a brick wall because I don't want to miss that 6th gear.  I have also shifted into 6th without the clutch as one suggested.  It does shift better into 6th without clutch.
All I did is what the other rider did by adjusting the lever height by turning the pin that goes from the lever to the case.
have you had ur first service done yet? if so, i think the parts should be seated well enough to run the synthetic
In my '02 i never have a problem going into 6th. and my busa is pretty new. I do agree that the problem is people dont shift hard enough though. I cant help but shift hard cause my feet wedge so far under the things i move an inch and im jamming the shifter up all the way....damn big ass feet!!! :hammerhead:
RYBRAUN: I, too, pull up on the shift lever as hard as I can and will still get a false neutral between 5th and 6th if I USE THE CLUTCH. I tried SLEDHEAD's suggestion of NOT using the clutch. I am clutching 1st, 2nd and 3rd and not clutching for 4th, 5th and I never miss 6th. Like he said, it helps BIG TIME!!! It seems to be getting better. I am going to switch to synthetic after the first service. I am just over 400 miles. Good Luck. Bob
:usa: My Busa does the same thing...I'm starting to find if I shift a bit more deliberate that it cuts out the false the advice from kawafaski...5th IS good for about 185 mph. No need for 6th really...I just thought it was a cruising gear. I am about to get my first (600 Mile) service tomorrow also...should I run synthetic now or wait til my next oil change?
Up until my last oil change I was using Golden Spectro 4 Synthetic Blend 10w/40. The shop only had Suzuki's Performance 10w/40 so I used it. Now I notice that I have been finding false neuteral as well. Its back to the Golden for me at the next change.