Transmission Trouble From 5th To 6th Gear


Bike: 2015 Busa
Store: Fun Bike Center
Issue: Since the purchase (new), Dec 17th, 2015, the bike has a random event where it doesn't want to go into 6th gear from 5th.

I have taken it to the dealership several times for the issue, but as most things the mechanics cant get it to duplicate or are choosing to say they can't get it to duplicate. In either case the issue exists. I have zero reference to an issue like this. The dealership says it has something to do with my shifting. 30 years of shifting bikes, quads, 3 wheelers and this is my first problem ever. Certainly it is an issue with my shifting considering I have zero problems with 1st thru 5th up or down.

After it does its fit of not going into 6th, which sounds most destructive within the transmission, it then seems to flutter between 5th and 6th, which also sounds very destructive. This hanging gear is also a new event for me in 30 years. Not sure what to do from here. Told the dealership today, do you want the liability after this thing kills me or now while I am alive. My fear is, one of these times it is going to break something while I am at speed and it throws me into something I am not interested in hitting head first.

So 2 issues, at random does not go into 6th gear then hangs between 5th / 6th. Never does it pop back into 5th, it always hangs.

Anyone know what this is?
Anyone have the same issue with no solution?
Anyone have the same issue and had Suzuki fix it?

Any help is much appreciated. 7993 miles on it now. Last weekends riding happened 3 times, seems it is getting worse.
If you bought it from new, surely it's covered under warranty?
It sounds like a badly cut/machined gear inside the gearbox, which is stopping the synchro engaging correctly, sounds really dangerous, anything that could lock the engine at high speed, is either going to be very expensive, very painful or both.
I own a 2014 I bought new with 5 to 6 shift issues . I installed a factory pro shift star/kit with only help it did was make lower gears smother , but zero aid to 5th to 6th gear change . After talking with Robinson industries a hayabusa transmission specialist . The Gen II has more shift dogs than the Gen I , and engagement is not as good . Many things have aided in the 5 to 6th change for me . First having limited ankle movement upwards
I converted to GP SHIFT. This allowed me to make sure I got enough pressure / strength on the shift arm .
Two keeping the shift post on the rear set clean / lubed often , and correct Angle of the arm for best leverage
Full clutch pull for the 5th to 6th gear change , and converting to a full adjustable ASV Clutch lever that has micro clicks vs OEM just 4 or 5 presets

Things to know is miles on the bike make it better as now instead of 8 out of 10 shifts to 6th causing a issue its maybe 2 out of 10 today with 11,000 miles on the bike . Exercising the 5th to 6th helped too .

Also there is ONLY 250 RPMS difference between 5th , and 6th gear . I only use 6th on the Hwy , and if I can stay in that gear for miles .
Running turbo gearing on my Hayabusa makes my 5th like factory geared 6th . 19/43 current to OEM of 18/43

Doubt you will get any aid from dealership on this issue so its a learn to live with it or sell / move on , Have Robinson industries cut your transmission , and It will not lock up on you .
truly odd that I have to alter shifting habits just for 1 gear. It already takes thought away from the riding when I am going into 6th, would much rather have my mind on the road then a gear shift lever. Disappointing. I would certainly think user error if it was something that happened all the time, but with the infrequency it would seem to me that the first thought of something off with the gear itself seems a plausibility. Sounds a whole lot like a QC issue from Suzuki and they don't want to own up to it.

I will adjust the lever down to make it more pronounced. I'll advise if that solves the issue.
Common problem. It will do it more if you shift to 6th at lower RPMS. Mine has 10k miles and, even though it has improved, it just did it twice yesterday on a 300+ mile ride. Early gen2s where also know to show you the wrong gear on display amor just going completely blank. I have to change the gear position sensor on my 09. You shouldn't have gear indication issues though, when I ordered mine they had revised and updated the part number on the suzuki site so, yours should have the latest.
Bought a new 2011 it will get better with miles and a full synthetic motorcycle oil busas dont like lazy shifting either i have 52,500 miles on mine now:thumbsup:
I bought a 2017 and I am having same issue and the cant get it to do it when they ride but when I talked to them on fri 11-3-17 they had a 1000 come in and it also has same problem so hopefully they can figur it out my mechanic knows I am not crazy and knows there is a problem just trying to find it and get it to do it another thing I told him was I can watch the shift indicator and it will flash when it does it
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There is nothing that can be done.
Other than put miles on it, and shift firmly.
I put the shift star on mine as well. Couldn't notice a huge difference. Mine stoppd doing it all together after about 8000 miles even being lazy with my shifts. As said before just shift it like you mean it and you should be fine. Also it has never done it if I shifted without the clutch.