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    How fast would it go? Don't want to try!

    not fast enough.....its never fast enough

    deals gap video

    owned:rulez: send cash:poke:

    Tank bag or saddle bags?

    Hey man,I just turned 40 and still use a backpack, that thing weighed about 40lbs this morning..ha.but i dont care, no way am I putting a tank bag on my bike, just dont like the look.

    Kick stand switch

    took mine off my 02 (cant remember why, 3yrs ago).pretty sure I just spliced both wires together and it was good to go

    Outrageous Price for an exhaust system - but I am going to buy it

    can get a Turbo fo rthat much and it will sound better....$3400 for that exhaust is a waste of $$ IMO but if you got it to spend then why not,I guess:poke:

    Not a prospect for a future wife


    Oscar Grant killed / second camera view

    C'mon, you cant be serious!! you did watch the video right, where the guy was acting like a jackass, resisting arrest the entire time, at the very least he should have gotten his ass kicked for that. and you want the cop to spend the rest of his life in prison for haveing to live with the fact...

    Oscar Grant killed / second camera view

    Agree 100%. like it or not you need to respect the law. he didnt desrve to die but his own actions caused the re-actions.Im not a big fan of cops but less of a fan of a$$holes,theres one less now

    Carbon fiber wheels

    Really? I never heard this,everything I ever read about CF is its a very durable material,that can handle just about anything,I would think there would be a BIG problem if something as common as a pot hole would cause damage.I mean,I have seen potholes in the city here that have flattened car...
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    A Father Speaks Out On Fathers Day...

    Life is good bro,dont let things get you down. this coming from a guy who has 6 kids and 3 baby mammas, 2 of which are ex-wives,paying child support for the last 17+ yrs,alimony..all that **** wouldnt trade any of the experiences I had for life is good. USMC here too...
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    Taillight rubbing after stretching

    Other just rubbing the undertail,it very unsafe,your rear tire traction is worthless right now. what I did after stretching 6over, weighing 290lbs, was buy a used shock of ebay for $70 and sent it to traxxiondynamics ,they will custom build it to your stretch,rider weight and riding style for...
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    240 kit - 4 inch extended?

    will need to upgrade your rear shock once you stretch it. this is a part most people neglect and shouldnt. its inportant you have the right suspension set up.other then bottoming out its really unsafe to ride with what will equate to a soft rear shock.can create traction problems. check out...
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    van der Sloot, accused murder again.

    a plea deal:poke: how bout they just kill him, no questions asked???
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    164 mph

    was she stuck in 4th gear:poke: better get that fixed if you wanna keep up:whistle:
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    Pics from Greece and Turkey

    AWESOME!! Thanks for shareing. the world has many beautiful places,shame we dont live long enough to see them all