My friend just got a leftover 2000 ZX12 alright we finnally get to see if I can mop the floor with him he is breaking it in right now but soon They told him at the Kawi shop it would do 206 can you friggin believe that I didnt want to burst his bubble My Busa had better be faster than the Kawi or I am going to be mad
well race24 I think that if both bikes are stock the Busa in its restricted version ,might get beat ,way up top .....but remember that restrictions aside the torque and drag coefficent is better on your Busa ..some zx12:s with mods are boasting higher speeds than some Busas ,but generally the Busa wins...to some extent it's also the rider input that makes the difference...don't forget It's not all up to the bike ,how well you shift and tuck ...matters too...and remember ...I DON'T REALLY KNOW poop!!!


Look at the video section in this site were a Busa and Kaw are running head to head. The Kaw aint no sled and the way these guy's are driving I don't think anyone on this board can handle a machine the way they do. Sure you may think so, but I bet they are in a different league than any Joe Racer that posts here.
All out the Busa should beat the zx-12. The 12 is lighter but does not handle that much better. The Busa also mods out much better. I have owned both, and that is why I have my Ninja Eater now.
My friend with the ZX is getting froggy we cant wait for a decent day to take them out and see who rules . I still am not sure if my Busa a 2000 is a restricted version everything I have read from unreliable sources says it is not does anyone here know for sure ?????
OK acording to Suzuki late model 2000 Busas are restricted but not the 99 or 00 early models they didnt have an exact date from which to check this out so I will just have to try it and again Does anyone know if an ATRE will eliminate the speed limiter ?????????
The TRE mod will remove the speed restriction..if you have one..on your 2k busa....ask Narcssius..for the details..he was kind enough to tell me exactly how to make one for very cheap..double throw switch..some wire and a 6.8K ohm resistor..pink and blue wires from the gear position sensor coming out the top of the motor above the clutch....it works, even though i havn't had the gut's to top it out in sixth gear..
soon i hope..stay tucked..donotsitupathighspeeddoh!!!!
You can use a switch for convenience (ie. when you want to idle or or do 1/4 mile times, etc.).

Look under the tank/seat for a white 3-pin connector with pink, black and blue wires. One end goes to the front and right side of the bike, that is the GPS side. The other goes to the rear, the ECU side. Cut the pink and black and complete the circuit on the ECU side with the resistor. The GPS side is left open. Blue is left alone.

I have read about this sort of stuff over and over and my advise is still the sam "the best modification a bloke can make to his motorcycle is leartn how to ride it...!!!, I have friends with all sorts of machines including the ZX12 and their is one in particular who blows me off everytime (in a straight line ,through traffic and the like) to me this means nothing........I chased the same bloke the other day as he was heading up a twisty coast road, he disappered around the first tight corner and I was all over him and that was the last I saw of him until I stopped and let him catch up....he was very quiet that afternoon.... so is it the bike...the rider....the risks one is prepared to take...the tyres??????

Grumpy :whip:
OK everyone I finally got to ride with my buddy with the 2000 ZX12 he has put a Muzzy full exhaust on so we are abpout even the only performance changes I have made was a Two Brothers full exhaust so anyway we screwed around some 2nd gear roll on I rolled away about 2 bike lengths then he stayed there right behind me 3rd gear same thing 5th I got alittle more on him maybe 3 bike lengths 6th we rolled on low in RPMs and I smoked him up higher and he got me by 1 bike length we did it again and where about even they are very close I think I may have alittle more down low No radar gun yet or Gps so no top speed stuff we got to 170 or so and he had his girlfriend on so we let up I tried his he tried mine I liked the cable clutch throttle was way to hard and the mirrors oh my god they are ugly and useless and to high on the bike but the rest is very nice I like the sportier look of the rear the Busa sits kinda low all in all they where very close a drag race is alittle unfair I have raced for years and can usually jump ahead of most of my friends evn with the Busa grabby clutch it was fun we rode all weekend cant wait to do some more next weekend hehe