One time offer!!!


Johnnycheese Performance is one year old and to celebrate I am doing a one time offer.
PC2 for $250.00 TYD new
PC3 for $250.00 TYD new
PC3R for $299.00 TYD new.
I need an order of 30 Paid in full to get the price break so as soon as I get 30 orders I will send them out Priorty mail. This offer is good for USA only. If I ship to Texas I have to Tax 8.25%.
It can be for any Bike VTX,CBR,R-1,ZX12,Vulcan.

Builder and tuner of the fastest Hayabusa in Central Texas

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The only thing I have done is I put Yoshi pipes on her. Do I need the PC3 or PC3R. Either way put me down for one or the other.


My mail to your aol address was returned??? So, let me know when and where to make payment and I am in for a PC3R. I would like you to set it up for a stock "03 with your reccomended fuel and ignition settings. I will have it re-mapped at a tuning center when I get an exhaust system and remove the PAIR valve. Should I go with a BMC or K&N with the PC3R?Thanks!

Kent Sheldon

The only thing I have done is I put Yoshi pipes on her.  Do I need the PC3 or PC3R.  Either way put me down for one or the other.

I think the PC you need is based on the year of yer busa, not yer mods. At least that's what I got from readin' info on the net. Mine is an '03 and it takes the PCIIIR. Don't know which one works on older models.

Mine is a 2003 model so I think the PC3R. Let me know how you want the money sent. Thanks for the info Bullet

I'd be interested in getting a PC2 for my '01 'Busa. A couple of questions though if you don't mind. what can I expect performance wise with the PC2 on a otherwise stock bike? Will I need a new map? Should I also install a TRE on it at the same time to get the most out of the PC2? Thanks in advance for your reply :beerchug: .

Pit Bull

I have an '03 stock Busa
I know you said the PC3R will help with the driveability.
Sorry, but don't really understand that answer, what do you mean driveability?
Is it really a benefit for a stock bike?

"PC3R for dummies" please


Ride safe  
it is like this.....
a good tuner can make it run smooth and flawless and great fuel milage. the byproduct is more power.