Don't Miss This Deal on Power Commanders!


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Just a reminder -

JohnnyCheese has offered our board members an incredible deal on Power Commanders if we can get an order for a total of 30 of them together. He gets a price break on an order of 30 and he is passing it along to us.

PC2's & PC3's are only $250 and PC3R's are only $299. He will even preload a map for your bike and paying shipping via priority mail. As of 10/1/03 he has 14 orders - we need 16 more people to make this happen.

If your thinking about a Power Commander in the near future this is the deal for you!

Thanks for reading - and yes I am in for a PC3R

Hey guys how are we doing, have we hit 30 yet, if not this is the best deal you will ever make for your bird, I would like to get mine before the weather goes crappy, ya know here in Seattle about November the rains hit until May.