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Whats up all! Alright by the end of the year i plan to sell my zx11 and buy a Hayabusa. My best friend has one and i love it, it handles so much better than my ninja and its slightly faster and hes stock! i have invested over $4k. Isnt that funny? Anyhow i do want to get the best overall bike. Now ive been reading some stuff about the zx12r, and its confusing me which bike i wanna get. Also has ne1 seenthemovie Mach3? i call that movie a "B.S." cuz in that movie at 210mph showing on the HAYABUSA and the Ninja was pulling away hard. I need some thought on that also. Dont get me wrong though The Busa has proved me everything that bike can do everything =\. Ive never been on a zx12r. How many of you have met up with zx12''s and whooped them =). Alright also which year Busa is going to be my best choice? Plz help me out and soon ill be another owner of one of the fastest Bikes =)

Since 99 Suzuki has worked out some of the bugs. If you can swing it, get a 2002 if 185mph top end is OK. I have a blue/ black one and am very happy with it. Sounds like the new Kawasaki is a good ride - The older ones fell short. Seems like Kaw allways milks out the older tech? By the way, you got a good ride there bud.
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Hey stan I dont know of any major changes in the Hayabusa since it came out other than the speed limiter that has been changed on the 2002 model I think . As far as the Ninja pulling away it is possible depends on what has been done to the bikes stock for stock the Busa kicks ass hands down . But the biggest reason is aerodynamics less drag means less horsepower you need to go as fast. All of the tests I read about the Ninja say it is quite a bit slower but nothing 7 or 8 thousand dollars and an intercooled turbo cant cure . Stock for stock they are very close the busa just needs less HP to go faster check the 2001 Guiness book of world records 198 Mph on a stock Busa . I have had mine 180 indicated several times but I have chickened out for top speed run my buddies have a radar gun and we are going to try it this summer I will let you know what I get they say the speedos are off up 5-7% but I would think that could be plus or minus dont know
I don't think you can go wrong with either the Busa or 12 both are equal stock for stock. There is more aftermarket stuff available for the Busa to make it go fast but the aftermarket manufactures are slowly catching up with zx12 stuff. I have a modified busa producing over 200hp and it kicks zx12 ass every time...........Knebnr
Everyone's mentioned performance, and they're pretty even stock for stock, but how about looks/feel? Have you sat on both?

When I was shopping I looked at the 12. In my opinion, its just a large version of the 9R, which is a large version of the 7 etc. etc. etc. I really like the busa because it is it or hate it nothing looks like it.

Sitting on the 12 it did feel lighter, mainly I think because the seat height is higher, and the center of mass is a little higher, but it felt a little clunky to me. For all the mass of the busa, it doesn't ride as big as it is.

The other thing, is I love the looks of the two exhaust cans. But a drawback for an aftermarket is I either have to go 4-2-1, and change the look, or pay 2X for cans, which for carbon fiber gets pretty $$$.

Maybe none of these things matter to ya...but hopefully they helped. Either way, I don't think you can really go wrong. One of the mags (I can't remember which) recently (last month) reviewed the new 12, and they did say that they didn't feel the refinement was quite up to the busa yet, but I'm not sure if a non-motorcycle-magazine-editor would really be able to tell.

Both good bikes, I like the way that the Busa feels at high speed, and yes once both bikes are modifyed the Busa eats Ninja 12's. I am pushing about 187hp on my Ninja Eater.
Cycle World just did a comparo between the Busa, zx-12, and the honda XX, Guess who still King of the Road ?? Mr. Busa --- But then each bike has its pros and cons. The big question is what type of riding do you want to do? $ for $ the Busa is the best bike for the buck on the market --Now i could be biased, but then again that could be the reason i bought one.

Read the comparo and it will give you a better view of each bikes pros and cons.
My best friend has a zx12 and weve road each others rides often. The most noticable is that the busa is more comfortable, we both agree. The ninja feels lighter, and has a better exhaust sound stock. I weigh 60 pounds more than my friend and my busa doesnt lose an inch when accelerating hard. Over 170mph the busa feels more stable and gives confidence to go faster. we both paid practically the same for both, and insurance and gas mileage seem close. Bottom line...He bleeds green and I swear by suzuki. P.S. My busa is a 2002...His zx12 is a 2000.
Just look at the two side by side. To me the kaw looks cheap, way to open. I would keep the ZX-11 before buying a 12. I've owened a 11 (nice bikes) and I have ridden a 12. If you love your 11 buy a busa. Haven't been spanked yet!