Yoshi Slip-Ons or Muzzy Full Exhaust

(kawiboy11 @ Dec. 01 2006,16:08) Hal, he will but he will won't beat me !
Is that a multiple choice question?
If you want the dual look, get an HMF full system.... has 2 cans. I just went with Akra bolt-ons because it was so much easier to do and they also sound nice and deep.
I can't believe you are going with one man, crazy! You know it does not look right, never has , nerver will,
go with a 4 into 1 yoshi I like it. mine will be the the winner anyway not kawiboy. Just kidding .

Hey kawiboy I have a video of me beating your busa on my old tl. but thats in the past I guess.