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OK guys,
Some will say age does not matter, it is how big (No wait that is another subject) How many years of riding do you have on motorcycles of any kind. I have to admit I started riding my brothers chopped Harley when I was 12. I rode mini bikes with 14 hp engines (60 mph surprised I did not die on that one) made out of welded iron until about 14years old. At 16 I got my first bike which was a 350cc Honda, with about 12 different bikes after (400cc,500cc,750x4,900x2,600,1000,1100,and 1300cc.

This puts my true riding experience at 33 years.
The summer of 1988, I did'nt have a bike, got divorced and needed cash! otherwise I've had a bike and been riding since 1979, had many different bikes, but my first brand new bike was a 1984 Honda V65 Saber, had 4 miles on it when i picked it up and I thought they could'nt possibly make anything faster than this? Boy was i wrong! One of my favorite bikes was my 1100 Katana with the Cool electric windshield, but I think the Busa is going to be my new long term ride! only got 180 miles on it now but im getting close to unleashing the beast!!
I started at about 7 riding a honda trail 50 ... spent hrs and hrs on that puppy. Then trail 70 ( those were street legal ) crashed a honda trail 90 when i was 10 ( wasnt mine ) rode everyone elses bikes and rented a few times between ages 20 - 35 rode a seca II for a year then at 38 yrs decided " one day " will never come if I dont get on it! Bought a clean 1990 cbr 600 with low miles about 3 years ago fixed it as it had been dropped once on each side but not hard. Rode it for a year and a half and sold it for more than twice what I had into it. then ............ oh bay - bee ! Saw a Busa on the Suzuki web site didnt know what is was or anything about it but - love at 1st site - oh yes had to have one! soooooo riding off and on 30 years + " lovin every minute of it! "
hawaii busa, I too started out on a trail 50, the big bouncy tires and all. Went to a trail 70, then to an Yamaha Enduro 90. To a suzuki sp 125, honda 750 V-45 sabre, 600 ninja rr, goldwing, 600 katana, then the busa. I had more fun on the trail 50 then the rest put together. Young and impressionable I guess. I started on the 50 when I was 8, so I guess its been 26 years on bikes.
I started with 750 Widowmaker H2 in 1976. Gave it up and didn't ride again until I bought a V-Star last June. Rode it for 4 mos (yawn) and bought a used 'Bird in October and now the new Busa has 180 miles on it. I've seen the light...
First rode when I was about 7, mini bike, froze on the throttle and crashed into rose bushes. From that time on I was hooked. Saved my money and bought a taco mini bike for $10.00. from there it was trading, wheeling and dealing- at one time I had 13 running motorcycles in my garage- all mine. my first real bike was a 1972 yamaha at1 125, yellow. got that in 8th grade- used to park it down the street, tell my folks I was walking to school and then go ride that sucker to school. been through the RD350, RD400, RD Daytona special, GPZ550 and 750, KZ's GS's, GSXR's, Interceptors, Dirt bikes, Street Bikes, Huricanes etc. Have had over 100 motorcycles. The Busa is the first bike I ever bought new. Been riding for 30 years- Just love a motorcycle. Haven't been loyal to any brand or make. Just love to ride. Right now there are 5 bikes in my garage- one is the kids, the others are mine. Use then all.
At 19 rode a Yamaha SR250 for 6 months then upgraded to a Yamaha RZ250 for 2 yrs. That was a buzz of a bike to ride. Got out of riding for 3 yrs then bought a Suzuki RG500 but that was a most uncomfortable thing, fast but vibrated like crazy. Am now 31 and decided to get another bike and bought a busa. That's 3 yrs exp for me then.

Funny how so many people started on Honda Trail 50s, 70s, whatever. Same here - cousins had one up at the lake, neighbor kids had one, so we'd do time trials through the woods. Rode and crashed my cousin's boyfriend's Yamaha DT 400 (he forced me to jump a dry creek bed with it). Dumped the same guys RM 125 about 5 years later. Will ride dirt, but prefer street (safer for me, I guess). Got my first legal bike (Honda CB500T) at age 16-17. My favorite bike of all time to this date is probably a 1982 Yamaha Seca Turbo. Bought one new out of college (it went away), bought another one about 5 years ago. If I get the Busa ergos reconfigured enough to fit me, it will certainly take over #1 (1st set of bar risers goes on this weekend, gel seat comes in the mail today!). I guarantee I have never been so excited about a bike.

Oh, yeah - duh! - to answer the question, have had Motorcycle license for 25 years (kept it through at least 6 states); probably have ridden 20 of the 25 years - plus whatever counts as trailing around as a kid.
i had my first pedal start moped when i was 14.
the local cops were cool w/ me so it was alright.
i ahd it for a while and then got a spree scooter
moovin on up huh ?lol

then got an elite S

then got rid of it cuz i got the nova
but my best friend had a 97 katana taht one day he was like so u wanna ride?
i was like..well i dont know how.
he's liek well u rode a moped..and have u ever ridden a dirtbike? and im like yea twice
he said ok then u know how to shift here she is have at it

those were my instructions! LOL
i nearly killed myself right off the bat. i did 70 through a stop sign w/ the back brake locked up. wasnt aware 70/30. i was all about 100 on the back brake lol.
then i over shot a turn and went through someones yard.
that was fun lol.
kept control though, i was goin slow

then the next day it started to snow. and he said i could ride again if i wanted to. im like well man its ur bike i dont wanna wreck is snowing and all

he said its ok dont worry about it and i set sail through the snow.
no ground cover but it was really akward to ride a motorbike in the snow
especially ur second time riding LOL

then a fwe days later he traded taht in for a 2000 6R.
he came to work and wasl ikehy brad check this out!

i then fell in love and wanted a bike. not that particualar one..but definetly a quick bike.
i just crept around the parkin lot on her high perched chair as compared to the 99 katana's i was 'used' to.
it was very short, and light. turned very nimbly. i liked it

he let me ride that bike a lot over the last year. i was the one who drove it past its break in milage cuz he was always at work and he'd say " brad go take the slut (its name lol)so i can get some miles on itand finally have it brokenin)
i put about 400 of the 500on it and after it was broken in he was mad when i put 100 mile on it in 1 day! it was my first bike cruise out on the highway and man was it rough on that beast.
i was gone for a while. i went through a few towns so i duno how long it actually took me but that ride made me very sore
but i liked it and wanted more but i was then banned from long rides

he has had that bike for like a year last month. and i've had about 1 year ridin experience ona motor cycle and about 3 ish on other slow get aroudn 2 wheelers lol. also took a ride on my friends 2000 12R. i liked it much more than the 6R. was longer, heavier. and bigger. and i weighted 270ish at the time and i looked right on it cuz i looked pretty damn big on a 600

man i cant wait til i get to go home next and ride the slut. (lol, his bikes name for thosewho forgot). ihavnt riden since december!

and no i dont ahve a busa..yet
About 24yrs for me(on the road),started with,yam-fs1e,suz-gt250,hon-400/4,suz-gs850,hon-cb750,kaw-gpz750,suz-rf900 and now the mighty busa.
I started on a honda 350 scrambler at 17 and have had a license ever since that has been 32 years...............Knebnr
Ive been riding dirt bikes since I was 7 years old, I am 31 now. But my first street bike was 4 years ago. I started with a 883 sportster, great bike. Then I had a Titan, that got stole in Daytona Beach at Bike week. Then I bought a Big Dog Mastiff with a 230 rear tire, which I still have. Dam nice bike. Now I have purchased a 2002 Hayabusa, my first sportbike, It is being shipped from Onterio on Monday, and they said 3 to 5 days to get it here to Georgia. Wish I could put the Busa motor on the Big Dog. That would rule. lol
Have had a cycle license for 27 years, and owned three bikes (Honda CB550 and GL1500, and the Busa) during that time.  Never put a lot of high mileage on any of them due to intermittant riding resulting from job and family time requirements and a detour of interest into sports cars, of which I have also owned three (two Corvettes and a Toyota Supra) in the last 19 years.  Now trying to get back into more riding and less driving.
started out at 8 on a yamaha 80gt, later on to a yz 80 and so forth.....first street bike at 20 was a (don't laugh) honda rebel 250, then on to a virago 700, rf 600, fzr 400 then the 'Busa.
Started at age 5 on a Honda 50, I was so short, we had to take the seat off and make a seat out of half of a life jacket (you know, the cheap orange ones). Since then, I've had several dirt bikes and street bikes, first big bike I rode (well at the time it was anyway) was my dad's 75 CB750. Had a couple sport bikes, couple of dual sports and rode a bunch of others. Nothing has compared to the Hayabusa I've got now. 27 now, so I guess that's about 22 years riding.
about twenty seven years with bikes of various sizes. Always had a bike as well as a car but got back into really heavy about 7 or 8 years ago. Don't have a car now, just loadsa' bikes.
I started at the age of 8 on a 50 then 125 to a 250. I bought my first street bike at 16. My bikes in order kaw 454,900 ninja,kz 900(dragbike)suz 1100,zx-11, cbr 900, gsxr750,gsxr1100(dragbike),and now a 2000 busa.
I LIKE TO DRAG RACE! :hammerhead:
At 16 I started out on a 50 cc Yamaha (1986). Then at 18 a RD350 yamaha (1988). Then in 1990 a RD500, after that in 1993 a 91 GSX750, in 1998 a 1200 Bandit and I hope to get my busa next month. Waiting is a pain.