Would someone cash this check please?


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What's the odds that it's any good? :facepalm:

If the funds are in the account and there is 15 or 20 % to be made by one of those cheque cashing places...

I would say the odds are exellent.

Unfortunately (at least IMO) that form of dialect is becoming more and more acceptable. I even started using it,althou usually in a derogatory way.

I am surprised someone with those linguistic skills was able to fill out the check.

After all how many kids even have check books? Better yet hand one over to the kid behind the register at McDonald's. I bet he looks at it as if it like it has instructions.
After trying to participate in full German meetings this end and doing about 2 hours of intensive German language every night, that could actually have been one of my checks, spelled "cheque" in English and in German it is of male gender, meaning "Der Check" while a bill would be female, meaning "Die Rechnung"
Aren't we so very negative... Spelled "Six" right! That's batting .333. Pretty outstanding really - when compared with Professional Baseball Players.

And that my friends is what's wrong with the world. Spinning the truth.