witch tyres are the best???


hiya guys,

i've just bought me a hayabusa,it's a lovily bike to ride,and i love the speed

i jumped up from a cbr600 to the busa,and im only 23

i will get some pics of her for u all,everything is standerd on her,bar the restricter has been taken off.
all i wanted to know is what tyres u all use on ya bikes,coz at the min i got michelines on it.
im very impressed with this bike and the handling is sommin else.

hope u all get to read this,and if any1 wants to drop me a line plzzz do .
Welcome to the board. I made the same jump 1998 CBR 600 to the almighty Busa. One heck of a difference isn't it? You will get all kinds of replys to your question soon.
ive tired the Bt012 and i like them alot, im running the Bt010 right now, got back from riding today and they plant well in the corners, im hoping with set ill get, close to 5k or even more will see.
Welcome to the board!
Yep, you'll get a lot of responses to this question. I have Metzler Sportecs right now and they have excellent grip. I'll have to see how long they last though.
Welcome, Congratulations on your purchase, and if you run Pilot Sports.....stick with em........they dont last very long but man they are sticky. And I jumped from a Katana 600 to the Busa.