Tyres....Not again!


It's that old nut shell again I'm afraid... I would like peoples opinion on fitting a 200 section back tyre?
I'm look for longevity over extreme grip and currently thinking of the Avon st45/46. I've heard they offer 8mm of tread depth and have been re-developed for the hypersports bikes.
Im wondering, the bt56 is a big mutha of a tyre almost 200 section and the reason that suzuki officially sanction this tyre is it's enormous contact patch. So therefore (in a long winded way), would a 200 avon give the high speed stability and longevity that I desire?
In terms of handling will the falcon just go to pot with a 200?


Your type of riding will should determine tire size and which compound to use.

If you canyon carving or road racing I would recommend a 190/55 or 180/55 for the quicker turn in that it will give you.

Drag racers will have to answer the question of the best tire for that event? No experience there(NINJA EATER?)

Pilot Road will give you good grip and long life. If long life to you is around 4000 then I recommend the Metezler M1's or the Michelin Pilot Sports. Personally I like the pilot sports. Hope that helps.

Marc "Howlin Mad"