my baby on rolling road 16th july


hiya all,been having peeps saying my busa doesnt go 200mph,well i gotta admit this is sommin i have never tried but i got her booked in for dyno rolling road on the 16th july this weekend so im taking her along to a big bike show over here and showing them what she can do,i will tell you now,i got a turbo being put on her soon,but when this is done,i will not have it on(its only fair to tell you,i will get a copy of the output and all and put her on the screen for you all,dont worry its bugging me aswell as you all i know,everything is standerd,bar 1st 2nd 3rd and 6th remap,tuned,ram air ungovened,and k&n air filter,so im in the same position as you all,how far can i push her,and when do i stop advise would be great coz you guys are the bo**ox ,and i have alot od respect for you all, so when you read this plzz reply sencerble coz im sh*tting my