starter motor


hiya guys/gals
could any of you tell me please,have you ever had any problem with the starter motor on ya busa,coz i took mine bike into banbury motorcycles for them to look at,when i go to start the starter motor,it makes a cruching noise,then it stops,and sounds like the starter is still going around.
banbury motorcycles have had it apart,coz they thought that maybe there was some teeth missing off the starter cog,but everything is ok.
if i pushed the bike backwards and farwards,then tryed it again,then it would make the noise again,then it would start my bike,im very worried bout this,coz it doesnt sound very nice,but what do you guys/gals think?? (have you ever had this happen to you b4??
i didnt know weather it mighta been a common fault with the bike but i dont think it is?

This is a serious problem and has been talked about in the "Common Problems" board. Check it out there.

You need to get the starter fixed to prevent the engine case from being cracked or broken. If you are under warrantee now, take it to the dealer and have them fix it. Do not use the starter any more or you may have $1000s of repairs.