hiya guys


can any1 tell me how old they are on theres bikes,coz i wanna know if im the youngest of u all
Might be easier if you post your age first............
But, to start things off I'll post mine. Thirty-five and climbing................Ks
I can tell ya this.. I've got ya beat by a couple years but I don't own a busa.
 There are about 10 people that have registered here that have you beat... some by a few days a couple by a few years.. I don't know if they actually own busa's though.

<table style=filter:blur>*the eyes of the Dustman man see all.. well, almost all*</table>
Postal is 43...... and I know there are some older folks in here who are not speaking up.... hmmmmmmmm?
I'm 33.

But, when I'm on my bike I am much younger!

Also, the other day I was working in my garage and my wife came out and sat my 11 day old son on the seat of my bike. Does that count? He was on the bike.
I am soooooooooo ahead of you guys  

Turned 22 in march and got the bike delivered just after I turned 20.

I suddenly feel really really ... young ... (not in the good way, but in the childish, immature way)
well as for this life time i am 31 but over all i have lost track several centuries old all lifes put together....hehe

Ninja is probly the oldest, he is OLD, I mean really old, older than dust, a fossil, a geezer that never has enough speed, LOL. J/K