i need help from busa owners


hiya guys :bounce:
just thought i would tell u,if any of you get in msn chatrooms alot in automotive,chatroom ,2 wheeled mayhem ,there is a bloke called (CUSHDRIVE).
now i was talking to a dear friend in there,that i've known for some while now,but we got into our convosation,and suddenly cushdrive said that he has his own workshop,and he can make bikes go faster with noz to outbeat the busa with all mods done?
now can this be true?i've had a few mods done,and i dont wanna cause any poop,but at the end of the day,am i right in saying noz gets you to ur top end faster,or will it go overboard with the top end??(i dont know).
but the guy is in there all the time,so if any of you would like to put him straite on a few things plz feel welcome coz soon im gonna be booted outa the room for swearing alot :devil:
here is the chatroom adress if any1 wants it..
or just find 2 wheeled mayhem 4 bikers and friends.
or send an e-mail to 2 www.2wheelmayhem@groups.msn.com
i honestly could do with abit of backup from u guys in here,and if ninjaeater is reading this plz send um an e-mail m8,coz i know what ur bikes like..
i just need this bobo off my back :sad:
would be nice just to get 1 e-mail sent to the prick :D
maybe then he will feel as bad as i do (hes a tosser)!!
NOS isn't called cheater gas without reason. So say you spend $3K and build a big block Busa. It is probable that a well tuned NOS Sytem set up properly on an otherwise stock busa could hand you yer butt. At least for a little while. There is a Turtle and the Hare analogy here that is appropriate. If were talking Drag racing Nitros is a cheap and really effective way to add a lot of power for a short time. Over the long term though, say about 2-3 laps at Donington, once the guy running NOS runs out, he's left without any way to compete with a turbo charged or Internally built bike.
However, there are Turbo charged Busa's making 4-500HP, NOS on any street tuned bike prolly will not get the job done against that. ;)
Oh, and just ignore the "tosser". It really pisses them off when you just ignore them..
Well first thing you need to know is what are all the mods. Everyone looks at this different. Full mods on a Busa could include a 400hp Turbo or a 560 Twin turbo. A good bike with NOS can be pretty good so do not underestimate it. A Busa with pipes is about 171hp
a Busa with pipes and Nos is 182hp with a small hit.
My Busa is 300hp with lots of goodies including a Turbo. i don't do chat rooms other iwise I woould join you jsut to support a .orger. :D :D
well n1 all, but would u like to send him an e-mail just so he knows wtf he is chatting about. its on the sight i put up,ty ninja eater i thought u where out there..lol :tounge:
u have made my day i feel happy again now ty m8.