Tyres for 200+ mph


Looking to change my tyres to something other than the recommended BT56Js. I know all ZR rated are for over 150mph - but will they all run ok at 200? Obviously, I don't want a tyre delaminating or blowing at silly (fun) speeds!

Anyone know anything about this or what tyres did you run at 200? Was wanting to try out some bridgestone 020s (for long wear rate) but will they handle the speeds?


I don't know anything personally, but you may want to search Cycle World, or Motorcyclists site for back issues online. They (don't remember which exactly) did a ZX-12 and Busa shootout in '00 some time if I remember where they reached 190 something. They normally mention what rubber they use for the tests...

And of course, the obligatory... BE CAREFUL.
Tyres..yes it's a touchy subject..ZR rating..hmmm..i have a bt56 stock front and a bt010 rear....bike was stable at 11,200
rpm in fifth..184????????? Anyway all we can go on is that we've never heard..not me anyway..that a tire exploded on any magazine test i have ever read.....the best time to speed test is early am....minimize the heat..and pun intended