Why i ride easy (a lot)


Can't spring the $$$ for tires - lots of free time but little money for other than GAS and COFFEE! I love to go fast, but it rips up the tires HUGE. Way too much free time, but no money. I'm a BUSA-BIKE-BUM!!!!! You’re at work and I'm with the cows and horses.
I Work for tires sign?
Less riding time + time spent on the corner with a sign = more money. That just doesn't sound right.
Ok here's the solution... The Busa-taxi or charge for taking people for motorcycle rides. Tell them it better than a roller coaster and the ride is longer than 2 minutes. Figure at $5 a ride 10 rides a day, and that a set of tires a week. The other option is to set up a digital photo booth, wash and wax the bike, set it on the corner and let cagers live out their fantasy of film. Less riding time but may be as profitable.

Have tires will ride