who makes the chrome windscreens


I saw the wind screen I want today; but now I can't remeber who made it?
it was "black chrome" and also comes in "chrome"
I think it started with a "s"... two word name

please help!!
Its called a "SportTech " windscreen, they come in all colors, including chrome and one called "black chrome".....

I just happened to buy 2 of these today in black chrome at $83 each. One for a 2003 Hayabusa and one for a 2003 GSXR600. The one for the GSXR fit fine, very close to OEM......BUT....the one for the Busa was sooooo far off, I couldn't even MAKE it fit. It wasn't even close. I don't know if it was mis-marked or what, but it would not fit at all. I will be returning it on Tuesday.

thank's I new it was some thing like that.

that had to be the wrong one for the busa. I just looked at one today, it seemed to fit fine!

I'll be getting the black chrome one just as soon as I can!
I have come to believe that as soon as a windscreen arrives it needs to be fitted to the busa because of the misfit or improper fit of so many aftermarket screens.. Some look so bad that you wonder if it really was made for a busa or was it mismarked.
You guys rock I have been looking for a stock windscreen in a blue chrome forever I just called my local guy and had him order me one from Parts unllimited Thank you
Man, I'm telling ya, watch out for fitment issues.

I WISH mine would fit, but after pushing, pulling, trying to get it under the fairing, the holes were still about an inch away from aligning.

Even if it DID line up to fit the holes, the curves were so far off, there were half inch gaps towards the rear.....

I'm going to return mine today, but I'm going to give them a chance to install it on one of their 'busas..

Here's a pic of it on the GSXR600.....too bad for the busa...
A friend of mine has them in stock $75 I think in chrome and all the colors. (757)451-3360 ask for Jenn It is Sport cycle center in Norfolk VA
Hey 200HP I called them and they sent it out. They where cool and hooked me up had it in stock and everything . Thanks for the number. Just so the rest of you all know I called sporteck who makes the screens and they are behind and most of the Busas are on backorder. I called my local shop and they couldnt get me one till june. It was worth the 10 extra dollars to get it in a week or 2
I've been looking for a chrome shield . Thanks , my mom lives in Norfolk and my birthday is coming up
Glad I could help. As far as fit problems you shouldn't have any with these. I put on on an R1, and a 1000 they fit just like factory pieces. If you are looking to get one I would get with them soon. They bought a bunch of them as soon as they were available in the states knowing the manufacturer wouldn't be able to keep up. When they sell out they are gone till the summer. I think his shop is selling them on Ebay too.