who has a D&D "show n go" slip-on?


I was looking at the black D&D show and go slip-ons..  and was wanting to know how well they worked on the Hayabusa's

are they to loud at cruising speed's?

has any one noticed any problems with them?

they look smaller than other pipes (are they)

also do they bolt on or do the come with the mid pipe and slip on?
oh and I see where there is a "satin" black but do they have one that is a "gloss" black with chrome ends?
O.K. Birdaprey here's the scenario. I have a riding buddy who has the chrome (stainless) D & D's on his Busa. They do sound great if you really like a loud growl. Trust me, they are loud. I was going to get them, but was just a little to loud for my tastes. I went with the Yoshimura RS3 Race full system (4 into 2). I just love the look of the dual exhaust. Also, to clear something up between the difference between "slip-ons" and "bolt-ons". Slip-ons are something like the exhausts that come on a Honda CBR 1100XX (Blackbird). The can is basically welded to the midpipe. Bolt-ons are basically what you have on the Busa. There are three bolts that connect the exhaust cannister to the midpipe, therefore just a simple bolt-off, then bolt-on. Hope this clears up any questions you may have. But for me personally, I like the Yoshi's with the oval cannisters. They bolt on at a slightly inward angle which allows more clearance for running those twisties. If you had the Yoshi's you will see a definite improvement over stock. One last note: Usually no re-mapping is required when going with bolt-ons. With a full exhaust you do have to re-map.

I have another rider (Byron) who has Microns on his ZX9.  Microns do growl real good also.  The best thing about Microns IMO is that the color choices you have are almost endless.
Here it is.........I have the D and D carbon canisters on mine and they sound good......just right for me......they are not TOO loud, and they maintain the deeper Busa "growl". My buddy has the D and D black satin show and go's on his Busa and they are much louder.........almost too loud.......they do not sound like a Busa should sound either.......very high pitched sound, more like a GSXR 6 sounds........my other partner has an R1 with micron full on his and it sounds great........sounds like a cross between a twin and Busa........very deep sound......I could only imagine what his micron would sound like on a Busa.

Take my advice........you will regret buying the show and go's or the full race for a Busa..........carbon D and D's are OK though.
I agree with Higg. The D&D's are nice. I also would love to hear how a pair of Microns sound on a Busa. All the Busas in my hometown have either Yoshimura's or D&D's on them. Oh yeah, I forgot. There's this one guy with a silver/grey Busa like mine that has a TwoBrothers exhaust.

My experience with D&D has always been bad. They are too loud and don't make any more HP than stock. For what you are paying buy a full system for a few more $'s. The Akra sounds sweet. I had the Micron on my ZX-9, kicked ass and sounds great, lots of midrange torque.
I have the D&D full system on mine and love the LOUDNESS. It sounds awesome and I have not had any problems with them.