Which one to get?

Blanca BusaLess

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This one that has a little subtlety and doesn't immediately say what's underneath.....


Or this one which is obv.....

This will only be used inside as a cover to keep kids and such off not as an outdoor protectant or cover to hide what's underneath. Just not sure if I want one has a big Kanji and Hayabusa on it or a simple Gsxr?
I'm kinda leaning toward the Gsxr one.

What says the peanut gallery?

Blanca BusaLess

Suffers from PBSD
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Was thinking that but I bought the bike because its what I like not what I wanted because of what it is.
Under cover I don't really want to 'brag' about what's underneath.

I do like that Hayabusa one though?
Crap I'm as fickle as a girl!


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I've got the Busa one, but if your going to go "generic" I'd say my old Nelson Riggs cover was of Higher Quality.

If its going to be outside, then me personally i'd go with the GSX-R just because as others have stated you don't want everyone to know whats under there. Another down side is people who may know what a Hayabusa is and haven't seen one or just want a peek at another could walk up and look under it just to have a look. Just my 2 cents. You should get one that says ZX-14 cause then no one would want it! :beerchug: