What's your poison?


Speakin of having a beer,,,

We were not all honest before. I think some were holding back until the alcohol was applied. so, WAZZAAHH??

Jagermeister for a sipper
Silver Bullet for a tipper
Jack when sleep is mandatory.

No DUI/DWI stories this time, just plain ol fun. Family here ya know.

If I'm having one of those nights where I just can't go to sleep, you know the ones, where it seems like your mind will not shut up, one shot of Jack and coke will do the job. I don't have to get wasted, just one shot and I will go to sleep in 10 minutes.

Plus, I definitely love a good marguerita if I'm out with friends, and will switch to beer after a few margueritas so I don't get to bent out-of-shape.

Have you heard the 3 levels of drunkeness on Tequila?

1). You become invisible
2). You become invincible
3). You're running down the street naked and screaming!
Bingedrink Bud's for two to three hours then sleep..always after twelve noon...or between 5pm and seven..night-night.
I have extreme tinnitus....lets me go to sleep..which is gonna be very soon..luv you all..great website//as said before....
Thanx Captain.....Ps i did have 350+ posts..i saw some got put back...wassup? luv you...
Dr Pepper from the min I wake up to the min I fall asleep with the occasional Sprite thrown in at work.
I don't partake that often but when I do it's Crown on the rocks...

Cool with that...

I like a good cold beer every so often Miller Lite...
I'm a Crown Royal man, which I sip once or twice a month. My body can't handle it like it use to....are should I say my head.
uhh.. right at the moment it's heiniken.(sp?). nothing makes you wanna drink beer like christmas shopping on a rainy friday afternoon with a girlfriend. I like her.. but I'm gonna kill her if she asks me to go shopping with her again.... ever.

normally.. I like corona (with lime of course) 1800 Cuervo, or sometimes Gran Marnier if I'm only planning on sippin'.
Nobody's a wimp for Not drinking alchohol.

I like trying different beers from around the world. There's a little place by my house that has a whole lot of them. Once again, here's my list:

Smirnoff Ice
Elephant (Denmark)
Red Stripe (Jamaica)
Spaten Optimator (Munich
Irzquell (Czech)
Guiness (Ireland)
Budweiser, when it's really hot and the beer is really cold
Any beer someone buys me

Grand Marnier
Green Chartreuse (140proof!)
Akvavit (rye flavored)

Coming attractions:
Straight Pepsi! Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp. I gave up alcohol 17 years ago.


graet to give up smking, great to give up boose when you need to. The only things I will not give is my Busa and I won't give up sex. My best friend gave up drinking 22 years now.
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