Whats the best full exhaust ?????


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I'm in the process of purchasing a 2003 Busa and looking into buying the BDE exhaust . Is it a good system . Brock Davidson sells a kit the includes the pipe , PCIII , Clutch cushion , extra clutch plate kit & springs , lowering links , front end tie down strap . The whole kit for 1687.00 . What do you guys think ?

I just bought the BDE/Hindle full exhaust but skipped the other stuff for now. Already have a PCIIIR. All that other stuff and a 16t front sprocket (which I thought was included in Brock's kit) should make for an interesting 1/4 mile ride on a busa. I thought about the kit but I decided to just go with exhaust for now and give myself a little more seat time on the busa before I do the sprocket and other stuff. I may wait until my chain needs replaced to do the sprocket(s) and clutch mods and do it all at once. I'm trying to talk myself into waiting anyway. ;)
I've had a few other bikes including a turbo GSXR 1100 , but never raced a Busa . I'm looking for the best of both worlds , Great street manners and good track times .
I'm going with a bde this winter....I already lowered the bike..and pcIIIr. I woulda went with the kit but didn't have the cash at the time.