Brocks clutch and cushion mod... Still don't know

eric wiseman

What does it do? Like each one? I've got a gen 2, I think I read it gets rid of the slipper function? I plan on a brocks ct and an ecu tuner and not sure which air box mod short or long. The clutch mod is in the kit you get with that, links, and straps. Cushion necessary?

I know those more than likely are as bad as "what's a tre" but still don't know if it's right for me
Its real simple, are you going to be drag racing your bike?

If yes then you do need it!

If no then you dont!
Eventually. Does it actually eliminate the slipper?

Yes it eliminates the slipper, and allows for harder launches!

Here is the quote from Brocks site!
A Brock's Performance Clutch Mod (modified stock or Ultra) is required for **ANY** Hayabusa ** EVER** launched from a dead stop! Damage to the stock machine can occur if repeatedly launched in stock form!

And for the cushion,
Take your 2008-2009 Hayabusa Clutch performance to a new level! **FITS 2008-2009 ONLY** Note: Must be used with a Brock's Performance clutch mod.

Both used will make for more consistent launches!
It end's up like this, spend some money now, or spend it later on repairs!