Brocks Clutch Mod Help

Hi guys. Figured I'd bump this again now that I have my own issue. I have an 09. I recently had the clutch slave fail so cleaned up the cylinder walls (it was really very nice anyway) and put in a new seal. Then did the Brock's one piece hub.

I am pretty certain that everything is as correct as it could be- sprocket cover is in as far as it can go, pushrod is in, slave seal is orientated the right way, bleed the right way. I can see the clutch separating as I pull the lever and there are no leaks.

I used the shims under the posts and torqued to the right torque with red Loctite. I installed the factory springs with the Brock spacers (I used all of them, doesn't feel that heavy)and torqued correctly with blue Loctite. I was pretty careful to make sure nothing was jammed or pinched and that the cover was properly located.

I have the plates as they were before with the last disc one notch further than the rest (that's how it was). I did not even remove the plates during the process.

Cover on, did an oil change, start it up, idle seems to go up and down a little (it didn't before) and when I snick it into first gear it has too much drive so lurches forward and stalls

Did I miss something? Maybe I could stick it on first and try start it with the front against the side of the shed to get the plates slipping

Advice appreciated.