What will a power commander do for me?

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Hello Hayabusa brothers,

Was told today that I need a Power Commander to really unleash the busa. I am sure that it will be an improvement over stock but is it worth it? Not looking to race anyone or drag or anything like that. Just like canyon carving with the busa. Will it allow the engine to work more efficently?
It will allow you to make a custom map for your bike. It will improve power and driveability. Its the ticket for smooth power delivery which really helps in the canyon's.............Knebnr


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I just put a PCII on my busa about a month ago and boy what a change. Ran the 0 map on it and then did an air box mod to it just for sh*t`s and giggles, WOW! take offs are a lot smoother, power is smooth all through the gears except for one dead spot at around 3700rpm. I know I can knock it out I just have to spend time tweakin the box a little.

All in all, the PCII is worth it, cycle mall has them for 210 now, very nice.
What mods are done to the bike? Where are you located?
For entry level (talking performance) riders, just reprogram the ecu. No need for pc.

BUT! Most people like to spend extra money and feel they got something great.
just got my pciii the other day with a map based on mods to the bike (bmc, tre, and yoshi full system) from fuel moto. way more ridable than stock with yoshi slip ons since there is not the dead spot just off idle. btw, the pic is my first 'busa

guardrail then woods. was kind of a screweded up evening. woke up in the back of an ambulance. evem worse is i had to text the gf to pick me up at he hospital. don't ride depressed, nothin good happens.


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